Comcast security flaws exposed customers’ personal info

Security flaws in Comcast Xfinity customer software reportedly exposed customers’ partial home addresses and Social Security numbers. Security researcher Ryan Stevenson found that two vulnerabilities in the internet service provider’s online portal for its more than 26.5 million customers left the data open to hackers, according to Buzzfeed. Comcast patched the vulnerabilities after BuzzFeed NewsRead More

Equifax’s hack, one year later: A look back at how it happened

On the anniversary of Equifax’s major breach, lawmakers released a report (PDF) detailing exactly how the credit-monitoring company was hacked. The report comes from the Government Accountability Office, a watchdog organization from the federal government. The GAO reviewed documents from Equifax as well as files from the company’s cybersecurity consultant to figure out how theRead More

Midterm elections, social media and hacking: What you need to know

When it comes to the 2018 midterm elections in the US, bad actors are still trying to mess with your vote. Russian hackers and propagandists who interfered in the 2016 US presidential election didn’t stop when it was over. They’re still trying to influence the vote, and now they’re being joined by other countries hopingRead More

Apple knocks Facebook with shutdown over app privacy flap

Facebook has run into trouble with Apple over a controversial data-collecting app the social network used for market research, and that could impact Facebook’s ability to test other apps internally. Facebook paid people between the ages of 13 to 35 up to $20 per month along with referral fees to download an app that allowed theRead More

Instagram users’ accounts reportedly being hijacked in spreading hack

Increasing numbers of people are reportedly experiencing the same Instagram hack, which logs them out and changes their personal details. Hundreds of people have reported being hacked since the beginning of August, according to Mashable, which highlighted similarities between the attacks. Victims say they’re being logged out, their handles and profile avatars are changed (oftenRead More

Facebook discloses bug that exposed 6.8 million people’s photos

Even if you didn’t post a photo on your Facebook timeline, a software flaw could have shown it to app developers.   The social network disclosed a photo API (application program interface) bug on Friday that affected up to 6.8 million people on 1,500 apps connected to Facebook, the company said in a blog post. TheRead More

Trump reportedly will ban Chinese telecom equipment next week

President Donald Trump is likely to ban Chinese telecom equipment from US wireless networks by signing an executive order as soon as next week, according to Politico. The administration wants to issue the order before Mobile World Congress, Politico reported Thursday, citing three anonymous sources. MWC 2019, the world’s largest mobile industry show, runs fromRead More

Facebook referred to GDPR authority over targeting methods

The UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) referred Facebook to Ireland’s data watchdog over the way it targets users. This follows the agency hitting Facebook with a £500,000 ($645,000) fine over data harvesting linked to the Cambridge Analytica scandal, the maximum amount allowed under the Data Protection Act 1998. That fine could’ve been considerably higher ifRead More